Purple Foil Wrapped Chocolate Hearts


Delight your guests with these luxurious Purple Foil Wrapped Chocolate Hearts. Inside each beautiful, shiny individually wrapped chocolate is the finest quality gourmet milk chocolate from Belgium that will add colour and sweetness to your wedding.



These fabulous purple wrapped chocolates are made from delicious solid Belgian milk chocolate and ideal as favours fillers, for the sweetie buffets, or just sharing with gusts around the venue.

The cadbury purple chocolate hearts will look great on their own in favour boxes or jars, or mixed with other foil chocolates such as silver, gold or hot pink hearts for a sophisticated colour mix.

Our Foil Wrapped Chocolate Hearts measure 30 millimetres by 30 millimetres in size, and they weigh approximately 5 grams a piece. The chocolate hearts are completely solid.

Sold in three weight options:

  • 125g bag – approximately 25 Purple chocolate hearts
  • 250g bag – approximately 50 Purple chocolate hearts
  • 500g bag – approximately 100 Purple chocolate hearts


Available in a range of beautiful colours including: Pink, black, burgundy, gold, lilac, lime, orange, hot pink, royal blue, red, silver, turquoise and white.

  • Ideal for a purple colour schemes
  • Suit any wedding season
  • Popular fillers for favour boxes pails
  • Ideal table chocolates to add colour

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125g, 250g, 500g


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