Ideas to Get Fabulous Wedding Flowers on a Tight Budget

Wedding flowers are a major part of anyone’s big day. You may have specific colours or types in mind, but your budget isn’t going to allow you to get it all.
So, while you want fabulous weddings, you need to figure out how to do it on a shoestring budget. Here are four tips to help you.


Opt for the Right Flowers

Although the florist may be able to provide you with your chosen blooms it may be that they are going to cost quite a bit extra because they are out of season, or you are going to need bucket loads to get a good effect.  A good florist should be able to advise which the best flowers for the season and which are cost effective and which will be best for  colour, aroma or filling a certain space.


Opt for Fake Flowers

Fake flowers tend to cost a lot less, and they they can look just as amazing. In fact, there are a lot of satin and silk flowers available that have the appearance of real flowers. You also get the added benefit of choosing any artificial flowers that are from any season and can keep them afterwards, without worrying about watering them.


Choose Petals Instead

You don’t need to cover the place in flowers. You can opt for a few smaller options and then have petals for your table decorations. These are great for keeping the costs down, and also allow you to have a good mixture of colours.


Do Your Own

Think about making some of the wedding flower arrangements yourself.  You could still hire a florist to create your beautiful bouquet of flowers and decorate the church and venue yourself in the same flowers. This is a great way to keep the costs down, since you’re only paying for the flowers.  Just make sure you leave enough time before your big day to make all these, and have enough hands on deck to help.


Ask for Them as Gifts

If you know a florist who is coming to your wedding, or have a family member attending that is or knows a florist you could ask them to provide flowers as a wedding gift. It will be one less item for someone else to buy for you, and you get just what you need.

There are ways to get fabulous wedding flowers on a tight budget. It’s all about planning ahead and giving yourself time. Remember, the flowers don’t need to be real. This is your big day, so get something just what you want for it.

Image courtesy of  Paula Rooney Weddings & Events & Fiona Kelly Wedding Photography London

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