Fizzy Bath Bomb Favour Ideas

If you are looking to save some cash and include some DIY activities into your wedding then fizzy bath bomb favours could be right up your street! Below we have an easy to do recipe where you can create your own bath bombs to match your wedding colours, fill your reception with beautiful fragrances and give your guests a fabulous keepsake they can take home.


225g Baking Soda
113g Citric Acid
113g Corn Flour
113g Epsom Salts
1 tsp Water
2 tsp Essential Oil
3 tsp Oil ( I used olive oil)
Food Colouring

You will need a whisk, a couple of bowls and also a mould

Step 1

Start off by adding all of your dry ingredients together into a bowl, these are baking soda, citric acid, corn flour and epsom salts and mix these well.

Step 2

In a separate glass, bowl or jar add your water, the oils and food colourings then mix this together.

Step 4

Start to add small amounts of the liquid into the dry ingredients, make sure you whisk this together fully.  Continue mixing in small amounts of the liquid and mixing each time until it has all been mixed together. The bath bomb mixture should then start to clump together.

Step 5

Fill both halves of your mould, crush the mixture together until the mould closes fully.

Step 6

Loosen the mould carefully and place the bath bomb somewhere safe to dry out and then repeat.

Trial a few essential oils and colours beforehand to get the colour or colour mixes you are looking for.  They are simple and easy to make, really affordable and they are just as good as Lush bath bombs. You can customise the colour and aroma of your bath bombs and also add herbs, petals, glitter, herbal tea or potpourri.  Hot water activates the fizz in the bombs and the bath water will be colourful and scented.


Your favour bath bombs will look fabulous wrapped in tulle or organza bags or inside a favour box to match your wedding colours.