Ideal for almost any wedding raffia ribbon is a cost effective way to add some great texture, wonderful colours and a natural rustic feel to your wedding venue, cake, favours and decorations.

Decorating your Wedding Cake with Raffia. Whether you decorate each layer with loosely wound raffia, create a feature with more than one colour of raffia ribbon, or add knots and bows,  it is simple and effective to transform any cake into a charming focal point.


Attaching and Binding Flowers and Bouquets Raffia Ribbon. Raffia is ideal to add those finishing touches to your floral displays and will especially look good on bunches of garden flowers or herbs. Why not change your satin wrapped bouquet for beautiful raffia and decorate pew ends at your wedding ceremony with trailing raffia for a natural and country look.

Raffia Decorated Centrepieces. Perfect for a beach, woodland or outside wedding. Why not wrap candles, jars and jugs with raffia to really pull in your wedding theme and rustic design to your tablescapes.  Buttons, paper flowers, lace, burlap and hessian all work well to complement your raffia decorated accessories.

Raffia is available in many natural and colourful shades ranging from white, cream, caramel and natural tones to cool shades ideal for a beach wedding  including blue, green, aqua and turquoise and hot pinks, orange, lilac and pink are ideal for a summer reception full of colour.


You’ve chosen the dress of your dreams, have your hair just perfect and look divine!  What’s left? Well, you do need a good manicure for your big day. If you’re not sure what sort of look you want to go with, check out the beautiful wedding manicure ideas below.

Flowers & Jewells or Floral Designed Nails. Ideal for pretty pastel, or bright colour schemes you can add that dash of colour to complement your bridesmaids or choose inspiration from a favourite flower from your bridal bouquet.

floral wedding nails

Pearls, Gems & Lace Nails. are just made for weddings, add that delicate feminine twinkle to your finger nails and just enough sparkle to make your wedding ring really pop! When it comes to your wedding, it’s not enough to make sure your dress and hair are totally perfect: You also need to make sure your nails are looking their best. After all, your hands are basically the stars of the day—you’re putting a ring on your finger, after all!

crystal wedding nails

Pearl nail design

Make a Statement with your Nails. Go for feminine sparkle with a soft pink manicure, silver hearts and crystals that spells out the words ‘LOVE YOU’ when held next to each other. This cute manicure idea is better for longer nails and is simple to do yourself as long as you have a steady hand for placing the crystals onto both your left and right hands. You  can easily achieve this look by using a wooden stick with some tacky glue on the end to pick up the crystals or by using tweezers.


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i do nails

Glitter and Glamorous Nails. A single stripe of chunky glitter in silver, gold or other glitter colour looks perfect over nude nails and just enough glitz for a subtle and elegant result.

Nude and Glitter Nails

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A single stripe of chunky glitter in silver, gold or other glitter colour looks perfect over nude nails and just enough glitz for a subtle and elegant result.

elegant wedding nails

Colourful Wedding Nails. A great way of choosing your nail polish colour for your special day is to match them to your bridesmaids dresses for a subtle way of tying the whole look together, or matching them to your colour scheme. Many brides will just choose a pretty, neutral nude colour but pastels are just as pretty and still have the elegant style. If you wish to add a bit of glamour, just enhancing the look of one nail on each hand is usually enough as you don’t want to distract from the main attraction that is your wedding ring!

colourful bridal nails

Choosing to have an accent nail is a great way of adding a bit of fun to your nails as well as making a statement which will look fabulous in the wedding photos as you can have your photographer focus on the accent in a photo. Nail transfers are inexpensive to buy or you can simply use nail art pens or improvise and use cocktail sticks, which are often kept in the back of your kitchen cupboard, dipped into a darker coloured nail polish to write or draw with.  Accent nails usually look the best on simple and light nail polish colours so think pinks and pastels!


Keeping it simple but with a vibrant colour is a fun option as it will really stand out against the simple colour of your wedding dress and really pop! Matching bright or vibrant colours to the Season or your colour scheme is a great way of coordinating in an effortless way.

Bridal nails don’t have to be boring and they certainly shouldn’t be forgotten as part of your finished look. A lot of attention is on your hands at your wedding as you will have people coming over constantly asking to see the ring and shaking your hands for congratulations!


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Whether you’re starting with a few ideas or have a specific colour scheme in mind, don’t forget to checkout the high street shops when looking for your bridesmaids outfits.  The high street has a lot to offer bridesmaids and with some hidden gems, ease of trying on various sizes and of course local shopping you can make bridesmaid shopping a real treat and girly day out too.

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