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Brand new and seasonal products are added to the website daily. Currently adding Christmas ribbons and accessories - ideal for the Christmas wedding theme.

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Colour & Theme

The favours, decorations, confectionery and accessories are organised by colour, wedding theme and style. This way you can browse all items or get to a specific area quickly and see a range of beautiful products that will coordinate with your ideas and designs.

New Products

Favour This has an ever-growing product range where our team search for popular products, create bespoke items and look for new and exciting trends to add to the ranges we sell.

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Where possible, we will create options on the amount of products you buy. Smaller product amounts cater perfectly for the small, intimate wedding parties and the options of a bulk buy will enable larger parties to enjoy some fantastic savings.

Unique Favours

With selections of ribbons, accessories and trims in all the colours of the rainbow you can create favours and decorations that are unique and personal to you.